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Ade Komaludin, Aso Sukarso, Handi Tristia Agung Haryono Tunggal

Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Siliwangi




Import is a function basically showing the relationship between the nation and its National Income. In this theme the writer takes the rice for subject in import demand analysis and the variable of rice Import is influenced by some macro variable.

An according to this case, this research therefore has taken the title: “The Analysis of Fundamental Factor Affecting Rice Import in Indonesia 1994-2005 Period”. The aim of this research is to analyze the relationship between some macroeconomics variable (National Income, Riil Exchange Rate and Domestic Price (measured with Consumer Price Index / CPI) against the demand of rice import in Indonesia.

The research method used by the writer is descriptive method by using econometrical model and tested by some regression analysis means. The statistical Calculations uses determination coefficient formulation, t test, f test, autocorrelation test (Durbin-Watson) by using additional calculation appliance of Eviews 3.0.

The result of this study indicates the fact happened in Indonesia during the period of research is that the import demand of rice is very much influenced by some macro economics variables (National Incomes, Riil Exchange Rate and Domestic Price). The test result of statistics t shows that the partial National Income and Domestic Price have an effect on Import of Rice demand in Indonesia significantly and elastically, while Nominal Exchange Rate remains insignificant and inelastic. The test result of statistics F shows that altogether there are significant influences from some macro economic variables (National Income, Riil Exchange Rate and Domestic Price) on the import demand of rice in Indonesia with 5% of significance degree.


Keyword: national income. Real exchange rate, import


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